New food waste collection service

New weekly  collection

If you live in a flat please see this page.

How does it work?

To encourage you to recycle all of your food waste, you have received a new brown food bin (23 litres) along with a free roll of 52 compostable liners for your kitchen caddy (or suitable container with a lid).

This new bin has a lockable handle and is slightly larger than your kitchen caddy (but a lot smaller than your other bins).

Recycling food waste reduces smells and frees up space in your black bin.

  Follow these steps:

  1. Line your kitchen caddy with a compostable liner (make sure it has the Seedling logo)

  2. Put all of your leftover, mouldy or out of date food into your kitchen caddy

  3. When your caddy is full, tie the liner and put it in your brown food bin (two/three times a week)

  4. Keep the lid of your brown food bin locked

  5. Your brown food bin will be collected weekly

  6. Leave your brown food bin at your front property boundary by 6am on your collection day

  7. Return your bin to the inside of your property boundary within 24 hours of collection

compostable 2.jpg

What happens to your food waste?