Information for flats

This information is for flats in blocks of six or more. If you live in a house or a flat in block of five or less please see this page
From September 2020 we are introducing a chargeable fortnightly garden waste collection service. All other waste and recycling services will remain the same.
If you are a resident you will need to speak to your managing agent (or equivalent other) to request a garden waste collection on your behalf. Watford Borough Council will not introduce this service without prior authorisation and payment from your managing agent. If you are a managing agent, you can sign up to our garden waste collection service from mid-June 2020. 
If your managing agent chooses not to sign up to the chargeable garden waste service, your green bin(s) will be removed.
If you currently recycle food waste in the garden waste bin, you can continue to do this if your managing agent signs up to the service. If they don't sign up, you can put your food waste in the non-recyclable waste bin.
A review of all other waste and recycling services for flats will start from February 2021, this will include reviewing the way we collect food waste.

Chargeable garden waste collection service

Collected every two weeks

Green bin

Collections for garden waste will change to a chargeable sign up service through your managing agent. This means that if you want the garden waste to be collected, your managing agent will need to subscribe on a yearly basis. The green bin(s) will continue to be collected every two weeks if they have signed up to this service. Find out more about how much it costs and how it works. Managing agents please see this page.


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