Information for Managing Agents

This information is for managing agents of flats in blocks of six or more.
How the collection service for flats is changing
Garden waste collections are changing to a chargeable fortnightly service from September 2020.  All other waste and recycling services will remain the same. 
If you would like garden waste to be collected from a block of flats you manage, you will need to sign up from mid-June 2020. If you do not apply for this service by September 2020 collections will stop and any green bins on site will be removed in October 2020. Please note individual residents who live in a block of six or more flats will not be able to sign up, managing agents have to sign up for these properties.
Find out more about how much it costs and how it works.
Managing Agent Responsibilities
As a managing agent you are responsible for ensuring:
  • the bins contain the correct waste 
  • the bins are clean
  • the bins are accessible
  • the removal of waste not contained within the bins
  • contaminated bins are emptied (either via the council’s contractor or private arrangement)
  • residents know how to use the waste and recycling service correctly
A review of all waste and recycling services for flats will start from February 2021, this will include reviewing the way we collect food waste.

February 2020

Mid-June - early August 2020

1 September 2020

  • Managing Agents will receive a letter about signing up to the  garden waste collection service

  • Sign up to the new chargeable service to ensure you don’t see a break in your bin collections

  • New chargeable service starts

October 2020

  • Removal of green bins (from blocks of flats that have not signed up to this service)

February 2021

  • Start of flats review