What goes in the food bin

(brown bin)

Brown food bins are for all food waste (uncooked and cooked). You can place the food waste loose in your brown bin or in compostable bags with the Seedling logo. You can also choose to wrap your food waste in kitchen towels or newspapers.


If the item is not listed below please check the blue-lidded bin, green bin or black bin pages for further details.

Yes please

  • Plate scrapings

    • including pasta and rice

  • Leftovers that cannot be saved

  • Mouldy or inedible food

    • including sink scraps

  • Tea bags and coffee grounds

  • Raw and cooked fruit and vegetables

    • including skin, stones, cores and nut shells

  • Raw and cooked meat and fish

    • including skin, bones and seafood shells

  • Dairy products

    • including cheese, egg and egg shells

  • Baked goods

    • including bread, biscuits and pastries

No thanks

  • Plastic bags

  • Packaging

  • Oil or liquids

  • Any material that is not food waste