Why your bin collection service has changed

Watford Borough Council has changed your waste and recycling collection service for these reasons:

Blue-lidded bin (recyclable waste)

  • To encourage residents to continue recycling, we are keeping blue-lidded bin collections weekly.

Green bin (garden waste)

  • Since 2009, the money the council receives from central government has been cut by 70%. This means we have had to look at how we pay for all the services we provide

  • Garden waste is a discretionary service (one we don’t have to provide) and there are many residents (those in flats/apartments or homes without gardens) who do not use the service 

  • We want to keep providing the service and think it’s better, and fairer, to offer a paid for service for those who want it – the payment will go towards covering the cost of the service

  • Nearly two thirds of councils now charge for collecting garden waste

Black bin (non-recyclable waste)

  • Over 60% of household waste can be recycled and doesn’t need to go in the black bin

  • By collecting recyclables and food waste every week, most household waste will be taken away weekly, leaving more space in the black bin for waste that cannot be recycled

  • As people are recycling more, over three quarters of councils now collect non-recyclable waste fortnightly or less frequently

Brown bin (food waste)


  • Recent feedback from residents shows people would recycle more food waste if collected weekly

  • Collecting food waste every week stops food getting smelly and frees up space in the black bin

  • Food waste makes up around 30% of the waste currently thrown away in the black bin. Recycling it is much better for the environment because it is turned into electricity and compost