Welcome to your new service

All houses in Watford now have a new waste and recycling collection service.
If you live in a flat in a block of six or more please see this page.
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Weekly food waste collection service

Collected weekly


service and new bin

Brown bin

You will have received a new food bin (23 litre), which is larger than your kitchen caddy (7 litre). It has a lockable handle making it easy and convenient for you to put out for collections. Find out more about this new service.


Chargeable garden waste collection service

Collected every two weeks


chargeable service

Green bin

Collections for garden waste have changed to a chargeable sign up service. This means that if you want your garden waste to be collected, you will need to sign up on a yearly basis. Your green bin will continue to be collected every two weeks if you have signed up to this service. Find out more about how much it costs and how it works.


Fortnightly non-recyclable waste collection service

Collected every two weeks

to fortnightly collection

Black bin

Collections for general waste (non-recyclable) have changed to a fortnightly collection service. Over 60% of household waste is recyclable, please use your new brown outdoor food bin and blue-lidded bin to recycle as much as possible. To recycle your garden waste, sign up to our chargeable garden waste service, use a home composter or take to your Local Recycling Centre.


Weekly recycling collection service

Collected weekly


Blue-lidded bin

To support residents to recycle, we are continuing with weekly collections for recycling.